Wednesday, April 19

Like Riding a Bicycle

life is like riding a bike
I borrowed this toy biker from my father! Yup, my father used to pick up and collect small items or toys being ignored by kids. I just thought this one would be perfect with these sayings. 

According to Albert Einstein, Life is like riding a bicycle. 
And in order to keep our balance, we must keep moving.

However, we need to check the tires too. 
Somebody wisely stated that 'A bad attitude is like a flat tire. 
If you don't change it, you'll never go anywhere.’

It is also true that  we will never arrive 
to a destination where everything is perfect.
So let us enjoy our current journey!
life is like riding a bicycle
a bad attitude is like a flat tire
 enjoy the journey now

The last 3 background images were taken from pixabay dot com.