Wednesday, October 11

2 Romans Bible Verse Coloring Pages

bible coloring pages from Romans
Romans 2:12 and Romans 8:28 - 
both inspiring verses from the New Testament. 
And last week, I was able to finish two coloring pages
highlighting the verses.

You can find and download 
the pages via this link on my Etsy Shop.

For more details, here are the specifications:
The ZIP folder includes 1 pdf file and 2 jpegs.
The pdf copy is print-compatible to 8.5 x 11 inches paper (letter size)
The jpegs can be adjusted to your desired dimension.
High quality at 300 dpi resolution
Romans bible coloring pages

Wednesday, October 4

Laughter (infographics)

Here’s another infographics I’ve created yesterday.
 A visual reminder to me (and to everyone) of the benefits
of laughter and  simply being happy no matter what happens.
benefits of laughter infographics

a merry heart does good ricldp

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Saturday, September 16

Activity Page Printables 1 (Books of the Bible)

For a change, I created the following activity page printables for both kids and  grown-ups.
These 'Word Search' pages  can be used as "ice breakers" during Group workshops or Sunday schools. 

The ZIP folder includes both the pdf and jpeg files.
The pdf is print-compatible to 8.5 x 11 in. paper sizes (letter size)
High quality at 300 dpi resolution. 
The answer keys are also included in the pdf copy.

 Kindly visit this link to download the file.
word search books of the new testament

word search books of the old testament

word search books of the new testament2