Friday, November 11

Prayer Vibration and a Doodle

While reading early this morning, the following excerpt from the book ‘The Power of Positive Thinking’ by Norman Vincent Peale struck me.  

“In our brains we have about two billion little storage batteries. The human brain can send off POWER by thoughts and PRAYERS. The human body’s magnetic power has actually been tested. We have thousands of little sending stations, and when these are turned up by prayer it is POSSIBLE for a tremendous power to flow through a person and to pass between human beings. We can send off power by prayer which acts as both sending and receiving stations.”

I  want to be reminded on the power of thoughts and prayers so  I created this simple doodle. I just hope I could send off vibrations of goodwill, kindness, joy, hope, enthusiasm and love to everyone reading this :)

prayer vibration artwork

By the way, I have uploaded the same artwork here as coloring page (high resolution). Feel free to download the page. Thanks!
prayer vibration coloring page

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