Wednesday, July 4

Coloring Scripture Cards Set 2

Here's another set of coloring scripture cards that is perfect 
for your scrapbooks and other projects.
You can also make them as bookmarks or journal markers!
Just color in and create your own style!

The files are available on my Etsy Shop
Feel free to visit and see the details.
Thank you so much!
coloring scripture cards

coloring bible cards

 You can view the first set of coloring scripture cards here.

Thursday, June 7

Coloring Bookmarks for Father's Day 2

Happy Father's Day!

Here's my latest set of 4 coloring bookmarks 
especially made for all the amazing fathers around the globe! 
Extend your love and appreciation to daddy 
by giving him your finest colored art-pieces.

The bookmarks are available for download online.
See the product details via this link 
(Feel free to pin them too! Thank you!)

coloring bookmarks for daddy

coloring bookmarks for fathers day
More coloring bookmarks for Daddy

Monday, June 4

Coloring Scripture Cards

Reflect on God's Word while you color.
Add your designs and make them your 'gifts.'
Alas! these Bible verses are truly inspirational.

See the details of the following 
coloring scripture cards here.
Thank you!

scripture cards coloring

coloring bible cards

Tuesday, May 1

Coloring Bookmarks for Mother's Day 2

A simple gift can make our moms happy
on Mother's Day!
Here's another set of coloring bookmarks 
that you can give as token of appreciation 
to all the loving moms.

See the preview below and learn more 
about the  details here
Thank you!

bookmarks coloring for moms

mothers day coloring bookmarks
See the first set of coloring bookmarks for Moms here